this home

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and the dog...Every room in this home is full of interesting details, art, objects. I've been looking at these photos several times, and every time I will spot something different, something even more interesting!


Grand Air

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Don't judge a magazine by it's cover? I did, and I really, really like the photoshoot I've found inside.


Shoes, shoes, shoes

Geology of Shoes from Petr Krejčí on Vimeo.

Friend shared it on FB today, and now I'm sharing it here, because I like it so much
Happy Friday!



candles everywhere
these are decorating my room at my parents place


Winter wear

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my winter uniform:
              • shirt under a round - necked jumper
              • solid color dress
              • skirt with thick tights
              • woo! wool cardigan, wool socks
              • small across body bag
              • colors: gray, white, black, dark blue

Striped blouse | Gray dress | Jean shirt | Cap | See by Chloe | Essie Silver Nail Polish | Socks | Boots | Bag

small small snow is falling today
have a nice day!


this is January

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Missing the snow, drinking lots of tea, meeting friends but also enjoying evenings at home.
Books and magazines rather then internet, but this is about to change.


2014 started

Nowy rok przywitałam smakiem raclette i szampana. Teraz już z Berlina marzą mi się kolejne podróże najchętniej na Isladnię i do Edynburga.
Wam życzę wspaniałego 2014!

New Year started with taste of raclette and champagne. Now I'm back in Berlin thinking where to go next, my two dream destination Iceland and Edinburgh.
Wish you all wonderful 2014!